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Delhi Shining (Post Common Wealth Games)

After spending more than two long years in Abu Dhabi, I have come back to my homeland India. India the land of dreams & aspirations.
India is developing with leaps & bounds, which now has become evident to the whole world. It really had showed the tremendous potential that it has to the even most revered nations around the globe. It’s a perfect time for the non residents like me to get back to their home who were forced to move overseas to follow their dreams for an improved and fulfilling future. This new age has set up a ray of hope, a wave of belief in most of our likes. I am really excited to get back here.
I will be spending a few days in Delhi & NCR, a few days in Chandigarh, before finally moving to Orissa, to take care of this new project.
I am living at one of my friend’s place in Gurgaon, which is said to be one of the fastest developing cities, around the whole NCR or sometimes the whole North India. The Government is planning to extend the existing metro lines to…

Why Don’t People Care

My inspiration in writing this post came mostly from these “3 IDIOTS” I call my friends, I met during my tenure at UAE, in spite of our vastly contrasting ideas we stick together for quite a long time. I’ll miss them when they are gone.
I work in a Multinational EPC (Engineering, Construction, Procurement) Company, far from my homeland here in UAE. Most of my peers are qualified engineers or they call themselves so!!!!
QUALIFIED huh? I don’t know I may be wrong? But I strongly feel that being qualified or well educated is not only about gaining success for you, or making good money, but it also brings a lot of social responsibilities upon you, I mean you should consider yourself far better & fortunate than the herds of people who have not been able to get proper education, or had chosen to remain illiterate for some reason. If these people behave ignorantly, it is understood & obvious.
But what would we say to people who call themselves educated & yet behave like they don’…

Orthodoxy of the Modern Indian Society

The recent controversy over the marriage of Sania Mirza with the Pakistani cricketer Shoib Mallick, has a lot to teach us. My aim in writing this post is not to comment on Sania’s or anyone else’s status, but I want to take this opportunity to register my reactions over the hypocrisy of our modern society.
It evidently showed how liberal we Indians are! We feel proud to call ourselves modern; we want to see ourselves at par with the most developed societies of the world, yet how deeply we still credit the social dogma. We pretend ourselves as congruent and broadminded, but the truth is we still haven’t got rid of the orthodoxy largely rooted inside our conservative & narrow minds.
We made such hue & cry over the whole issue that almost made the union look like a threat to our national security, and even went on to claim her citizenship cancelled, and to forbid her to play for India in future.
How can we forget the contributions of this young girl so easily? There were moments whe…

India's Reply To Brain Drain

Has it ever occurred to anyone's mind that why we Indians are always so much attracted to work and live in distant far off lands quitting the warmth and comfort of our very own home and don’t even give it any second thoughts before leaving all our loved ones behind.
Can't we turn the drift the other way round ?? Why don’t people from other countries prefer to come to India, as we remain captivated towards the western countries? If we want India to emerge as a shining beacon of the 21st Century, then we have to build such a Global Community, where the most talented people from all over the Globe can come and contribute to the progress and at the same time feel like home. We should make arrangements to attract such vast talent pools from all across the globe. People from all nationalities should get lured to study, work or travel in India. We have to grow our societies to such standards, where there would be no place for orthodoxy or conservativeness. We should start treating all th…